CPU-Z Portable


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CPU-Z Portable is a small and free program that shows you all the important information about the components of your system, categorized in sections. This programs shows several tabs in which that information is displayed: CPU data, cache, board, memory, and operating system. If you need to know anything about your PC to make a repair or to improve its performance, this application can help you access this important information.

CPU-Z Portable doesn't need to be installed; a window will open just by executing it, containing all the data on your computer. From the CPU section, you can check information on your processor, including technical specs, speed, and voltage. You can also check the motherboard information, the manufacturer, the BIOS version, graphic card, memory brand, Windows and DirectX versions.

Now you'll always know your computer's details when you need to replace a part or fix it.

Doesn't require installation

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